Thursday, March 5, 2009

Asian Civilisation Museum -Empress Place

On the ride side of the river bank stands the Asian Civilisation Museum. This is where the arts and crafts of Asian countries are on display. The current exhibition is of Emperor Kang Xi period. You can see the colour banners on the front wall.

This is another colonial building called Empress Place Building and once housed the Victoria Memorial Hall. Many concerts were held here. And in front of the main entrance where the banners are, once stood the statue of Stamford Raffles, the founder this island for the British Empire. He stood tall on a high pedestal looking towards the sea. And we use to ask, 'Which of his hand was tucked in his pocket?' Of course none. His arms were both folded in front of his chest.

The left side of the building now houses the famous Indochine Waterfront Restaurant and Bar.

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